25th May 2014

In December last year I went to my house in Vinsobres, France for the last time, to pack up my treasures that I had collected over the years and to see many of my friends that I have not seen for over two years. I brought my mum along also as it was the first anniversary of my  dad's death. He died the 23rd December prior and I thought a Christmas somewhere different would be better for us both.It was, and we both enjoyed the break and catching up with old and new friends alike. We travelled around the area and we were surprised at how mild the winter was. We spent a lot of time with friends Barbara and Udo and their lovely dog Nelson, who was slowing down because of illness. They asked me to take some photos for them to remember him by and of course I did. I have made them an album and these are some of the images from their book.


5th April 2014

The time has come to show you what I have been up to in the past few months, apart from settling into my new house and finishing my new studio off. The sunrises here and the sunsets have been stunning and they only seem to get better as the mornings are becoming crisp and cool with a veil of fog creeping in the dawn light.

I had the pleasure and honour to photograph the wedding of a beautiful young couple, Larissa and Aaron Egan on the 30th April and it was a truly magical day and evening with a venue that was simply captivating.

These are a few of the images I took that day.


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